Safety Boats

With over 16 years power boating experience with Thundercats & Zapcat's and ex RNLI crew member, Mel Pengelly the owner of Pengelly Young decided it was time to get back on the water as part of the companies Corporate Social Responsibility by offering his time and experience to help make racing safer

Team Pengelly Young to the Rescue

Mel Pengelly the owner of Pengelly Young gave up his love for powerboat racing in 2014 to concentrate on growing the business and to enjoy more family time.  2 years later he is back on the water, but this time to help out with the much needed safety and rescue required during racing

The management consists of Mel and his friend/ex racer Steve Pidlsey owner of Sherwood Kitchens, Witney.  With over 9 UK races a year and several in Europe, the guys have their work cut out making sure that safety is enforced before, during and after racing. There are many other safety teams involved including Doctor's, Paramedics and an entire Jetski Support Team all managed by Fiona Pascoe and her team at Thundercat Racing

Pengelly Young offers safety/support for all types of racing on the water. We supported the Thundercats series  in 2016 and will continue in 2017/18 with our 7m RIB as a support and start boat. We have several Paramedics we work with, so we are equipped for all eventualities

The Pengelly Young Safety Boat - Named "Lady B" - Class 3 


Safety in the Surf

Two new additions to the Racing Safety Boat fleet (Steve's Jet Ski's). Steve and Bobby (Steve's son) have extensive Jet Ski safety experience, which is massively beneficial in the surf. The skis allow you to quickly get to casualties through surf, rescue them safely (no propellors) and return them to the beach within minutes.